Republicans Win Big Predicition

Where will we be on November 5th when the Republicans still hold both houses? Where will we be if they only hold one of the two?

Exactly where I expect we'll be.

My only question is where will the media put this. If Democrats fail to win either one or both houses will it be called the outright failure that it is? Perhaps the excuse they have been needing to eliminate Howard Dean as leader once and for all? Will it be seen as a testament for Bush and against gay marriage?

I'm going on record:
I will be surprised if the marriage amendments fail anywhere.
I will be surprised if the democrats win one (senate or congress).

Why do I go out on the limb and say such a prediction? Because I believe this generation of voters has the intelligence and fortitude to understand the issues involved here. I think the Democrats have placed themselves sqarely in the ultra-liberal camp of gay and polygamist marriages. That Democrats need to see defeat in Iraq to be politically victorious here.
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I do not think America has lost heart as the media would have us believe. I believe that Ronald Reagan was right: the American people are not easliy fooled.

IF I am wrong I will be completely shocked. Then I will work tirelessly to bring back the common sense of the generations who fought WWI and WWII. Wars that were 60 to 80 years ago yet we still maintain troops in locations because of those conflicts.