Ford: Artificial Racism

Does this commercial play on "racist fears of Tennessee redneck-hick-kkk voters"??? That is the spin being shoved down our throats.

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"Harold, c a l l m e "
  • Watch it and tell me what you think?

  • Along with my fellow Tennesseans I watched this commercial from Thursday the 19th until Monday and then another WEEK on top of that before we got the "racism" accusation. Think about that for a moment. Why did it take so long for the "racism" accusation to come out? The Boston Globe article is dated the 28th.

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    "FORD is right, I have too many guns"
    I heard people laughing about this superbly done commercial. I never heard anybody think it was racist until over a week later?

    I would submit that the RNC knows the cycle of the spinners for the DNC and timed the ad for maximum confusion. The DNC and Ford campaigns were totally caught flat-footed. The FORD-DNC response was slow because the DNC first went to the accusations of the ad and found that each one was CITED (check the youtube again, roll call & news accounts cited!). After tearing apart the ad for a week someone finally hit on the "white chick with black guy" and took it to the focus groups. When the focus group reacted to that spin, the democrats went national with the response.

    Suddenly (2 weeks from the air date of the ad) I'm hearing commentators from PBS Newshour calling the ad racist. Thankfully there was a smart guy next to him shaking his head "NO" at the racism stupidity.

    The unanswered question:
    IF the commercial was SO OVERTLY racist, why did it take 10 days for that to come to the realization of the media?

    I cracked up when I saw this commercial. I would have put this on the air in a heartbeat. It is factual and funny. You can't beat that.