Foley Slander

Ok, what Foley did do wasn't pretty. Apparently it wasn't illegal, it definitely wasn't moral, and he's out of office in the closest thing to a rehab program there can be for what he did.
  • Read them for yourself

  • When did it become true that because he's a Republican means he has to be a Saint? Only a Democrat would confuse perfection with politics. Democrats think that their law is their God so that means they expect the Republicans to think of their representatives as Saints just because we claim the moral high ground.

    Let me elaborate:
    Conservatives are imperfect individuals who generally aspire to make the law something like what was modeled by God. Liberals think there is no God and try to use the law as a religion to make themselves fell less imperfect.

    I can't help but think that the label of pediophile is a pretty strong word. Since ABC is reporting that the FBI can't find any evidence of Clinton-style contact you must wonder when Foley's lawyer will start filing libel & defamation suits.