Ewww, Check Your Shoe!

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Is your ecological footprint squishing the future and killing cute fuzzy polar bears? Check the article linked in the title to find out more!

Maybe I'm the jackass penguin here (60% decline 1977-1992 according to this scary article) but a very skeptical part of me is not very concerned about the consumption patterns of Finland (apparently the worst offender). I just can't help but wonder that the WWF is selling something here. I mean, if there were positive news would there be a need for donations to the WWF? Doesn't the negative news mean that the bleeding hearts need to pour out their sympathies via check, money order or credit card transactions?

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Everyone check their shoes because it just might be your fault!

Looking at the conservative side, where in the globe have the greatest contributions in technology, effeciency and conservation come from? Where would the world be if the ecological "depositors" were in charge?

Like I said, it's all about money.