Chavez Kids?

The first thing I thought of when I read this article about the Venezuelan slums is how Chavez buddied up with Cindy Sheehan.
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This is what gets me about wacko nutcase liberals (or even regular liberals). They will tend to be so singularly focused on their emotional hatred of something like Bush that they will lose sight of who they are teaming with or what the unintended consequences might be. Does a mom who is angry about losing her son want to support the Communist ruler of an oil rich country where thousands of sons and daughters die each year in horrible economic conditions? Isn't communism supposed to be wealth-sharing?

What about the mothers of the children who live in that slum Cindy? Why don't you get on the horn and call your buddy Chavez and ask him to do something about that. Ask him to help the sons and daughters who are still alive and under his authority.

Who is the devil. Is he the one who decries riches and proclaims the shared wealth of the people and lives in luxury while others starve in the same city? Did Chavez act as the pot calling the kettle black?