No More FORDS for Tennessee


If you are wondering what could fuel such aversion to a family name look no further than the history of the Ford clan. I cannot say that Junior is actually guilty of any wrong doing in any way, shape, or form. However I can assert that the sins of the father truly do pass through family lineage and there are some serious issues with his family.

The core 20% democrats who'd vote for Ford's dog say the MAN is just out to get him. I say where there is smoke or an FBI warrant you had better expect some fire. No, there aren't any warrants for Junior yet, just for all of the fathers and uncles that he was raised by.

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Ironically, some Black publications are adamantly opposed to Ford too. They say his positions are too
  • conservative.
  • Is Junior a Liberal in conservative guise? Maybe there is such a thing as a new democrat but I smell a lot of pandering to the conservative voters of Tennessee.

    Guilt by association? Family profiling? Maybe I am doing these things. That doesn't mean I'm wrong!

    My ultimate point here is neither conservatives or liberals seem to trust this guy and perhaps with good reason.

    Suggested reading:
    Google search Operation Tennessee Waltz for his family's current troubles.
    USA TODAY FORD FAMILY ARTICLE for history of the clan, good and bad.