I'm working with LendingTree right now. I've found some interesting things you might also agree are lies.

LENDING TREE LIE: "We don't charge you for the service."

Bullcrap. There is a "Pricing Structure Tier" for closed loans charged to the lender. The fee is anywhere from $175 to $850 based on loan amount. If it ain't on the good faith, it's in the loan somewhere. If lending tree charges the company, who do you think pays the fee?

LENDING TREE OBFUSCATION: "Get up front quotes on rate and pricing"

What a load of fooey! First, Lending Tree only checks one credit bureau to determine your category. Most of the time this isn't a problem, for about 20% of the people out there will find their score on that bureau is nowhere near (either higher or lower) than the MID SCORE of all THREE bureaus. Not the average, rather the middle. It is possible to have a 700 score according to one bureau but your other two scores be 579, the difference between grade "A" paper and "C" paper.

Second, any company worth its salt has an automated system to reply quickly with an attractive offer to get the borrower in the door. If the rate changes daily, that quote is essentially a lie or shot in the dark to get your attention. It definitely omits lots of fees. Again that quote assumes your score is accurate.

I've quoted par (that means 0.00 yield premium paid to me) rates and 1% origination. I'm losing tons of business because I'm too honest and try to put all the fees on the good faith.

It's enough to make me pull my hair out.