Here is an old-style rant for you...

Let's say your name is Xxxxxx and you put you and your spouse's financial information on Lending Tree including both social security numbers and birth dates.

The loan officer who gets your information does what he gets paid to do: call you to confirm the information and make the offer. Only, you go on vacation after applying. For 5 days straight at slightly different times of the day you get a similar message "...regarding Lending Tree, please call..." from this guy. He is trying to catch you at home because you asked him to. When you get back from vacation you are annoyed at him for the messages.

How stupid are you, Xxxxxx?

First, you put your name and phone number and asked to be called. He did as he was told to by you. Yet you are frustrated and hang up on him? Is it really smart to hang up on a guy who is carrying your personal information in this day and age? Maybe he has a blog and will post all your important details for the whole world to steal your identities? (Which I would never ever do but there are some individuals who would!)

To vent, you call his boss. His boss says "sorry about your luck" and doesn't help. As soon as you get off the phone, that Loan Officer is patted on the back for doing his job by the boss and held up as the example to follow to the whole office. Is that really the outcome you wanted when you called his boss?

I know I feel better getting this off my chest.