Playing God

In reading this story of how the Asian man's sperm was used in a lab to inseminate this English woman's eggs I am reminded of a conversation I had with a fertility doctor when we were beginning our thoughts of children and adoption.

My wife is a type 1 diabetic since age 9. The Steel Magnolias story of the diabetic mom is uber dramatic and not necessarily applied to every circumstance (type 1 mommy dies in child birth) but in her case it might have happened. Her doctor felt certain that one child birth was possible for us and we considered all the implications and our thought process turned to artificial help to guarantee our success.

We went on a quest to find if she could have twins via artificial insemination so she could carry one pregnancy but have two kids. One doctor we spoke with was horrified that we wanted to force twins because it was "unnatural" and "playing God".

I was extremely perplexed by his response. I asked him if it was "natural" for him to force couples to have babies who God made unable to create children on their own. That maybe he should consider the lack of logic in thinking that what he was doing was in any way natural. He blustered at my response saying there was nothing wrong with it, and I responded that it was equally as natural to ask for twins as it was for him to make babies where none were to be made otherwise. I don't think the conversation was very pleasant for him.

I have occasionally wondered if I made an impact on his thinking with that question I asked. I know the revelation of his twisted and distorted logic has made me much more cautious as to the rational thinking of other people. I no longer assume a logical rationality exists just because of a degree, title, or office.

Back to this couple: they are now dealing with the thing they had hoped to avoid: "I don't look like you" questions. Challenging questions to be certain, but for those who are prepared to answer them, an excellent lesson of love. At least that has been my experience in answering those questions.