Pelosi: The Democrat's Newt

Newt Gingrich is arguably a great conservative strategist and leader. Those same qualities made him the lightning rod for Democratic media campaigns against his success and secured Clinton's second term in office.

The chips are down for the Republican party in the numbers right now. It's time again to use the Democratic playbook and fight back.

Nancy Pelosi is an incredibly wealthy liberal Democrat from the heartland of nutty thinking: San Francisco. Her values are about as Catholic as I am Japanese but she is still quick to remind us that she is "Catholic-Italian". Maybe that's supposed to distract us from her pro-choice, pro-gay union, pro-liberal agenda? Or maybe it just means she makes a mean pot of spaghetti? Possibly it's vote for Pelosi or wear concrete shoes at the bottom of the bay?

I hope she keeps talking to the press. It's refreshing to hear Democrats try to talk about their version of "fiscal responsibility" and "high gas prices". Two subjects that can be summed up as "It's the Governments money to spend and you should be paying higher gas prices parking your SUV and using public transportation."

I will say with certainty that the American people won't like this voting record: never voted for a tax cut; never voted to expand oil exploration; never voted to increase defense spending; never voted to cut government spending.

That's Pelosi.