Nagen Is Fun!

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Chocolate Schoolbus Preacher Man, and newly re-elected Mayor of New Orleans Ray Nagen has been a target of my rants in the past year. My opinion of him shot up dramatically when he very humbly thanked the voters for the opportunity for a runoff election and added "I'm still here even after some of the crazy things that have come out of my mouth."

Kudos on that one Mayor, maybe the stress was making you freak out and you aren't as bad as I once thought.

Now we hear that Dean and the DNC wanted him defeated? The DNC couldn't change the outcome of the election? Nagen's opponent had six times the amount of funds for campaigning? The deck was completely stacked against him yet he won anyway.

I'm really starting to like this guy in spite of him being a Louisiana Democrat. The problem is that he might be sorry he wished for this opportunity if another hurricane hits before they are ready.