Moussaui's Briar Patch

The verdict is being read as I type. I'll know in the next 20 minutes and I have some thoughts:

Do you give the guy what he really wants? Death? What does death mean to him?

If it means virgins and pleasure, no death. Of course I am certain his death will present him with a surprise when he doesn't end up with the virgins, but that's a different argument that I'm not addressing here. I say let him rot in isolation forever. Instead of being a heroic martyr, he'll end up forgotten, old and more crazy than now. Letting him rot in a hole in isolation means no new fuel for the radical fire. If he dies he is hailed. If he lives he'll be tossed into the bin of obscurity.

I actually think death is Moussaui's Briar Patch. It's where he thinks he wants to be so that's why we shouldn't send him there.

With that said, only let him live if we can keep him from teaching his psychopathic hate to the other inmates. If we can't isolate, we must eliminate.

And the verdict is life! Sentenced to obscurity. I think that is the most logical conclusion and am glad to see it.