I Hope My Wife Doesn't Read This

In my new tradition of having fun posts for Friday I thought I would comment on today's news from the world of geeks:

The Koreans have created a female android named EveR-1.
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Top 10 Reasons to consider buying this Female Android:
10) The on/off switch
9) She can be programmed to like your family
8) The warranty
7) She responds to commands
6) The mute button
5) You pick the accessories, no baggage included
4) She never asks for spending money
3) She never makes you stop and ask for directions
2) She can change the channel if you lose the remote
1) Her memory can be selectively erased

(In my defense, this is much better than the other joke I almost wrote about: Hellman's Mayonaise shipment bound for Mexico that sank on the Titanic so now we honor the memory by celebrating "sinko de mayo")