*Except Christians

Political Correctness*:
It's not ok to bash Gays and Lesbians.
It's not ok to belittle Buddhists.
It's not ok to make fun of Jews unless you are Iranian or from the UN.
It's hands-off on Martin Luther King.
You are taking your life in your own hands if you draw a cartoon of Muhammad.

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*EXCEPTION: Christians are fair game.

Why does the asterisk only apply to Christians when it comes to offensive acts? Why is it ok to make fun of Christ and pervert him with arousal and homosexual themes?

Here is what Insurgent Student Editor Jessica Brown had to say about the graphics
(published in her student paper). "I have to say it is really fun to offend people. It is fun to break the rules. If it pi--es people off�good that's the point!!! It has here in this office. So read, get pi--ed and talk about it."

There is a thoughtful, accepting* and open-minded* liberal talking if ever I heard one.