Alternate title: Senate's Social Insecurity

How exactly can you go wrong here:

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Sen. John Ensign, the Nevada Republican proposed an amendment to protect citizens of this country by removing wording in a bill that would give Illegal immigrants social security benefits.

His amendment was killed in a 50-49 vote? Mr. Frist I MUST PROTEST THIS STUPIDITY IN YOUR SENATE!

Apparently if you are a Democrat moron or John McCain you think that the desperately insolvent crisis of social security that you use as a platform to scare the elderly into voting for you is strong enough to handle the ten million or so illegals supposedly here. Have cake and eat it too, eh Brute?

Most of the people I have dealt with that pay illegals to work pay in cash. No FICA in a cash payment. No paperwork to track the illegal use of undocumented workers either.

Who is getting shorted here? Who is the idiot who believes this rubbish?

Are the senior citizens of this country that stupid, Democrats? The sad note is that perhaps you are correct, they are that stupid. They will only elect to listen to what they want to hear. Meanwhile these democrats smile as they stab you in the back in the hopes of gaining a few Hispanic votes.