Fortunately, we are all ok. The tornado began 3 miles south of my home at 210 PM Central time and left a path of destruction about 25 miles long. My 4 year old daughter was herded into the tornado room of her school and says "there was a big boom, and then it was done."

I managed not to freak out that she was that close to it.

Here are a couple of very bad shots I got while driving home. I took a back road because the interstate was closed and the secondary was also blocked. I came over the hill and drove straight into where the tornado began.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

I have to go out today and will post more pictures from the good camera when I get back.

Dealing with this, I wonder how people are still dealing with Katrina, 1000 times this much damage. In contrast, Katrina folks had 3-4 days warning. We had almost none.