SEC Revenge

Before you ask, normally I prefer football and I am not a basketball fan. Another factor to consider is my geographic and legacy infused orange blood has bread me to be a Tennessee fan. With all that said, I am very surprised and impressed by this guy:
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I can't wait to see what Pearl can do with his team next year as I'm finding myself interested in basketball again (a fair weather fan thing I'll admit).

Because there are people out there who know way more than I do and I don't like looking foolish, I typically avoid blogging about sports. Now there is something about this season that needs to be ranted about.

The SEC snub in rankings.

As is self-evident by the final four having two SEC teams present, and the championship game being attended by one SEC team (Florida might beat UCLA but not if UCLA plans and executes like they did against LSU).

Let's face it, Kentucky smelled rotten this year. What happened, according to some pundits, is that because Kentucky wasn't good the AP ranking coaches and press downgraded the entire SEC. Just search the rankings for yourself and see where SEC teams stood in relation to the other conferences
  • all year.

  • Living well is the best form of revenge. Does having the other conferences iced out of the final four says volumes against the quality of the poll system? I'm no expert but it doesn't look good to me.