One Bad Apple Spoils

Once upon a time I confess, I was a Mac guy. It was college, free love, tie dye and liberalism.
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What the heck was I thinking? I bought a IIe and a laser printer for $4 grand (it had an 8 meg hard drive and 4 meg of ram)?

Anyway, now Apple is arguing in court that those of us online talking about news and events aren't actually journalists. We aren't covered by the same laws and privileges afforded to the press.

That's a self serving load of crap.

A newspaper begins by an individual or company printing words on paper to distribute and makes its revenues from advertising. In the electronic age, the internet is the new medium with exactly the same thing: individuals writing for ad revenue.

Apple is playing big corporate bully and trying to spoil future internet publications through a legal maneuver? That's a bad apple spoiling the whole bunch if ever I saw it. Especially ironic coming from the company that sponsored the 1984 big brother ad to release the original Mac.