Liberal Hot Air: Global Warming

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How do I know that this is a liberal argument? Dave's law: libs will always resort to cursing to make their point.

I really should number those laws, but I digress... here is the curse word in context:


  • George's Column that got the Libs so worked up

  • As a rule, anything that doesn't agree with lefties makes you a racist, liar, murderer, homophobe or all of the above. In this case it makes us planet killers which may deserve a new category. So to be fair let's see exactly what the save the planet types wanted to accomplish with Kyoto.

    Time for a new multiple guess game! What would the US signing onto Kyoto have accomplished? Here are your choices:
    A) reduced global warming by 10 degrees C by 2040
    B) reduced global warming by 2 degrees C by 2100
    C) there are no accurate models to predict the outcome
    D) reduced global warming by 10 degrees by 2145

    The best answer is C: according to
  • Marshall Institute

  • Let me clue you into what else would have happened if we signed Kyoto:
    Massive blue-collar layoffs in the US due to energy rationing would force companies overseas where Kyoto protocols permit increases in power consumption
    Internationally, thousands would have starved as a cash strapped US cuts off foreign aid funding
    The UN would bankrupt because the US would have to cut funding, and we carry something like 70% of the dollars used to run the UN
    Thousands of birds** would die threatening species as wind power mills multiply (
  • Alternate Downside

  • (speculative derived from:
  • $200 billion economy impact)

  • Ever notice that they never advertise the details about the benefits of Kyoto? Maybe that's because there AREN'T ANY!

    **note: birds are much more likely to be killed by cars than windmills, but the
  • Audubon Society
  • has called for a moratorium until more studies can be done to make windmills safer for birds.