Goodbye Dave

When I was going through the adoption process my counselor Tammy told me that her son David had identified with something I said. We were talking about the Everclear song "Wonderful Lyrics" about a child who doesn't want his parents to be divorced, he just wants life to be as it was before the break up. I mentioned to her that the song really spoke to me as my parents divorced when I was nine. I did not realize that Tammy divorced while we were adopting and she asked her son about the song that day when they heard it on the radio while driving home. David really responded to her question and they had a great talk about it.

David joined the Marines last year when he graduated high school. He went to Iraq, and was killed in a flash flood- of all things? I think this is the story that covers the event in a brief opening paragraph. Apparently it happened Sunday. We just heard about it today.

Keep Tammy in your prayers for me.
Semper Fi Dave!