Clerical Errors: Planned Parenthood

Why does a group of clergy support Planned Parenthood over muffins, coffee and orange juice?

To be fair, they support a portion of planned parenthood's agenda: pregnancy prevention. That in of itself is not a bad idea. I'll list a few other good ideas and you tell me if you support them:

Charitable giving to single mothers
Education support tools
Immigration reform
Scholarship programs
Self Defense courses
Homeschooling programs
Dating advice

OF COURSE all of these programs are worth supporting! Now what if I told you these were all platforms of the STORMFRONT group of
  • white supremacist?


    Just like those well-intentioned clergy supporting Planned Parenthood, supporting any agency means you support everything that agency stands for. Do these clergy support partial birth abortion? Do they support late term abortions? I seriously doubt it! No, scratch that: I seriously hope they don't!

    Let's look at what the author of this piece deemed an important quote from Reverend Susan thistlethwaite, PHD.
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    ""The more we are able to cultivate the capacity in every person women and men— to make informed ethical judgments both in ourselves and our society, the more we are coming into relationship with the transcendent, with God," said the Rev. Susan Thistlethwaite, president of Chicago Theological Seminary. "Human existence as a materialistic quest for power and dominance, a crass manipulation of fear and intolerance for political gain, drives us apart both from one another and from God," she said. "For what does it profit you to gain the whole world and lose your soul?""

    My response to this inflammatory statement is purely Biblical:
    Madame Reverend Thistlethwaithe, seeing as how you and I both hold the Bible as a common logical reference point we should go there for the answer. We find that you, Reverend are formed in sin and imperfection just as I and every other human being are(Galatians 3:19-24-fruits of the flesh; Romans 7:1-25 acting under flesh decisions versus decisions of the spirit).
    We are incapable of making perfect judgements because we are not Jesus. Our decisions and actions are only relevant to our relationship with God as he guides us to be (Phil 3:3-no confidence in the flesh).
    In short, we cannot elevate ourselves to God through our own actions (John 14:16- No one comes to the FATHER except through ME")

    My purely logical question to you Reverend, is how does supporting a pro-abortion organization make us all closer to God as you imply? Or the converse, how does denying a pro-abortion group remove us from God?

    If it is as you say, is that a God worthy of knowing?