"You Might Be a Palestinian If..."

In the terminology of today the term redneck has been sanctified by Foxworthy into almost an acceptable moniker. Image hosting by Photobucket
I am a proud redneck for instance in that turn of phrase.

However there is a dark side to the term. One that speaks of the white racist blue collar types such as my Grandmother on my father's side certainly was. If you were "bread" as a redneck up until today you might think of African Americans as the race of "N" instead of a more polite term. The "N" word is an adjective or noun that did not begin badly but has become equal to a curse word-especially from the mouth of a white man.

The curse word version of Redneck is because the white people taught their children and children's children that the one race was inferior. Those kids learned to disrespect another human being based on some God-given attributes described in a label. The most hard core racist rednecks were told to wear a white sheet and use violence to push their message.
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Hamas is no different from the Klu Klux Klan, except maybe more violent.

I am using the term to describe Palestinians in the harshest way possible.
Apparently Hamas has done quite well as an administrative body in areas of Palestine where it formerly held control. That in of itself is surprising and a point in Hamas' favor. However that same organization has also sent young men into crowds of innocent civilians wearing bombs with the intent to kill and promote fear. That same organization has not renounced violence. When you have leadership of one party it is not divided. The same leadership who ordered the attacks is making policy decisions.

I am curious to follow W and Condi's comments about Hamas and the issue of violence as a political tactic as this develops. While the Palestinians do have the absolute right to vote however they choose, their choice of the terrorist organization is telling. It says that their overwhelming majority thought is still racism and violence. If the US pulls their funding then they got what they asked for when they elected a terrorist organization to lead.

-in passing a co-worker mentioned this so I'm attaching it:
Apparently Limbaugh pointed out this week that the next bomber attack would be state sanctioned rather than terrorist sanctioned. Interesting!