Sleight of Iran

The peaceful loving leaders of Iran who want Israel wiped off the face of the Earth
are talking out of both sides of their mouth again.

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Codi and Larov, equal representatives of the USA and Russia, have agreed to put the Iranian nuke issue before the UN Security Council. In response, Iran is threatening to halt all UN inspections and slam the door on diplomacy.

In the mean time, to allay international fears the Iranians graciously handed over documents to the IAEA showing how to shape enriched uranium into a warhead. Of course they went through the trouble of gaining this information from the black market and did not bother to keep any copies of it. The real question is why acquire the information if you don't plan to use it?

Iranian leaders are saying just enough of what liberals want to hear. At the same time, their actions are revealing motives in the opposite direction of what they are saying? History teaches us to think with caution when dealing with well armed fanatical leadership who is just a little too smiling and open while preparing aggression behind their backs. Just look at Neville Chamberlain's famous quote
  • "peace in our time"
  • after the Munich Agreement with Hitler in 1938.

    Taken in that particular historical context, this quote from Iran's top nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani:
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    ""Europeans should pay more attention. Iran has called for dialogue and is moving in the direction of reaching an agreement through peaceful means," he said. "The Islamic Republic of Iran doesn't welcome this. We still think that this issue can be resolved peacefully. We recommend them not to do it.""

    All the winds point in the direction that we should be preparing for military conflict in Iran. If not instigated by us, then to back up our ally Israel.

    ADDENDUM: 3:45pm
    My bull crap meter just pegged on this bit of information:
  • Iran "inadvertantly" acquired weaponized nuclear material instructions?