Schumer: Trash The judiciary

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"The democratic party will ask questions on key issues (READ: ABORTION)... if we don't like his answers we will filibuster." (Source link to WASH TIMES in title).

That ain't how it works.

Here is how it works in our Democratic Republic: your party wins the election. Winning party gets to decide who to nominate. As long as the nominee is somewhat qualified they get the job. Bush & Republicans won so they get to pick.

Somebody out there please pass along to Senator Harry Reid (also a Democrat) about how the winner gets to decide while we are at this
  • "...Senate like the house of commons..." (whiner)

  • To be fair he was whining about a budget but the same lack of logic applies.

    Now, back to Alito. This one just happens to be not only over qualified, but also has traditionally had the backing of both conservatives and liberals for his even-handed fair minded rulings. Now Chuckie Schumer wants to say "abortion or nothing" and that is a trashing of the system. Never mind that the Abortion issue while volatile is a mere speck of sand compared to all the other issues this court must address during this nominee's lifetime.

    The effort is so transparent on the democrats part: control the court as the last holdout of liberal ideologly. However I do want them to keep saying these stupid things. Why? Because the more they yell it, the more people realize how far gone the democratic party is.