Plutonians Protest Radiation

The heavily biased earth media largely ignored Plutonian objections to the New Horizons space craft and instead focused on Earthling environmentalists
  • rhetoric.
  • There were massive protests by Plutonian environmentalists regarding the Earth's hurtling of a potential radioactive rocket toward their planet.
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    NASA scientists only predicted a 5.8% chance of
  • launch failure.
  • However, Plutonians are more worried about NASA's track record with unmanned objects when they reach their destination.

    "There was a cover up of the Martian debacle. Nobody knows how many Martians were harmed when that other craft hit!" one Plutonian New Horizon protestor said.

    Another Plutonian protestor was quoted as saying "Why are those crazy earthlingS spending all that money to send their radioactive stuff to us when their people are starving?"

    NASA has refused to comment other than to say they expect the craft to fully perform the mission.