Peaceful Religion Mob (again)

The self-proclaimed peaceful religion has yet another mass casualty resulting from mob behavior of attendees.

" The site is a notorious bottleneck for the massive crowds that attend the hajj pilgrimage and has seen deadly stampedes in the past, including one in 1990 that killed 1,426 people and another in February 2004 that killed 244."

This year it was 345 killed. This is just the pattern of casualties from one event!

As a side note, Billy Graham and other Christian groups have managed to gather literally tens of thousands in a group hundreds of times with no stampede, no death. Maybe a twisted ankle or two but never a stampede? Here are images from 1996 Minneapolis where 70,000 were inside and overflow of 10,000 plus were outside the stadium.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Why is this such a common occurrence for Muslims yet Christians do not have this issue? The specific question here lies in the comparison.

BTW: I know it's some kind of rite that has to be done at a specific part of the day and all that tripe so don't use that as an excuse to trample and kill people.