Journalists Freaking Out

When one of their own gets hurt in a war zone, journalists focus like a laser on that story. It's because of the "it could have been me" syndrome where even a backwater small town newspaper writer feels some connection to the brother of the pen who is harmed.

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I am in prayer for Bob Woodruff and his photographer Doug Vogt. My feelings about what his family is going through are enhanced by my being a father too. Personally I can see the bravery of their sacrifice to be there and my rant is not intended to take anything away from their commitment to journalism.

My observation here is the overwhelming reporting from every national and local source about one of their own. How their delivery differs in tone, intensity and overall feel against the seemingly cold reporting of the death toll of soldiers. Check out the CNN reporter's comments I linked in the title.

I'll give another perspective to help this rant hit home: can anyone tell me without using google the number of soldiers injured or killed in the attack that injured Bob? This
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  • is typical, no news except about the top dog anchor.

    Journalists are human, after all. I've never asserted otherwise. They just really come un-hinged when it hits one of their own.