Dave's Predictions

Resolutions are up so now I need a prediction or two:
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Time to put on my Swami outfit.

Of course I have some ideas about politics and the world:

Namely the continued "surprising" strength of the dollar against the weak euro. If you don't understand why trade deficits don't ultimately hurt us then you should ask economist WALTER WILLIAMS.

Expect great leaps and bounds in the Iraqi economy. Also see fewer terrorist/insurgent attacks.

Expect big trouble in little Iran. Israel will not sit by and let some leader who says "wipe them off the map" and "make their country in Europe" have a fully capable nuclear program. That will be messy.

The eavesdropping "scandal" will become the "leak of eavesdropping scandal" and somebody will get prosecuted.

Aside from politics, lets look at media:
The continued rise of alternate media and bloggers coinciding with the tremendous decline of newspaper circulations.

The biggest and most long term change will be whatever Google cooks up. That will be the ultimate harbringer of what is to come for traditional media. A new computer with a Google OS? Combine that with Google Media? Sell it through Wal-Mart for $200? Wow, POWERFUL would be an understatement!

Prices will drop on the flat screen TVs as that new screen manufacturing technique developed by TI hits shelves, if it hasn't already. I look for some brands to die, some new ones to emerge and a continued push from HP and Dell into consumer household electronics.

Continued decline in Movie box office, even though they raise prices again. I already plan on seeing
  • PIXAR's "Cars"
  • and have some positive anticipation of "Superman" and
  • X-3
  • and a new Spiderman installment with Tobey(darn, not til '07).

    To wrap it up, it will be an interesting year. I look forward to seeing how my predictions pan out.