Communist Evo and Citgo?

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Just great. I love my local Citgo mom-and-pop station. It's an independent and usually cheaper than the chain stores next door. Having worked as a rep for a tobacco company I know which stores are independents and which are chains. I always try to support the little guy.

As a side benefit, Citgo oil comes from South America. Not the Middle East.

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With the election of Communistic minded Evo Morales, there is no good choice for where to spend gas money. It looks like my spending dollars that were avoiding middle-eastern ties are going into the far east communist accounts.

"Bolivia's left-leaning president-elect, who is on a world tour ..."(said)"...he made visiting China a priority because he considers China to be a "political, ideological and programmatic ally of the Bolivian people." "

Bolivia, along with much of the popular sentiment in South America, is shifting communist. The Chinese are as excited as I am horrified and quickly investing in the oil business in South America.

Proliferation of Communist thought is NOT a good thing for Americans. If the education of South Americans was better than they would realize the multiple shortfalls of voting for a Communistic state. It all sounds good until you realize that some animals are more equal than others.