Common Road Rules:

A little girl lies in a Florida hospital with a gunshot wound to the head because of ignorance of rules of the road. Without more facts than presented in the news article linked in the title, we don't know who the aggressor was. We do confirm that you should NEVER confront someone about driving on the shoulder of the road.
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Which leads me to a rant...
Because of the rampant ignorance of how to communicate car-to-car, here are some tips broken down by the sign and the signal:

Flashing Brights:
1)If the car behind you flashing its bright lights it signals an intent to pass. Move over slow poke and let them by.
2)If the oncoming car is flashing its bright lights it signals either you need to check your light settings (yes, your brights are too bright for oncoming traffic) or there is a speed trap ahead.
3)If you are signaling to change lanes in the daytime, a truck will flash brights to let you over.

Off/On lights:
Usually used in the daytime to indicate the same as #3 above: lane is clear to change and you are ok to move over.

All of those signals above are considered polite.

Hazard Lights A quick double flash is used to say "thank you" when someone is courteous and lets you over. Sometimes a quick right/left/right on the turn signal also says thanks.

Now, if someone gives you the finger you can figure it out for yourself. Quit giving the finger to someone who is trying to politely communicate with you. If you aren't in law enforcement, it isn't your job to correct someone else's driving. I don't know who was egging on who in this case but you should never pursue this kind of thing.

By the way, while I have your attention a mini-rant-addendum about merging onto interstate: while technically the car in the lane does have the right of way, the
  • BOOK
  • says that they must also use common sense to allow merging drivers on the road.