Bubbles and Kernels

I love a good movie as much as anyone else. Then we have hit director Stephen (Oceans 11, Erin Brokovitch, Pleasantville) come out and make a release of his movie "Bubble" directly to theatres, DVD and cable all in the same week.

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Soderberg's bubble is inflating in the clogged arteries of Hollywood. Movie execs and bigwigs were not prepared for this unforeseen and undoubtedly needed angioplasty.

In a room full of Theater Executives and managers, Director M. Night Shyamalan (The Village, Sixth Sense, Signs, Unbreakable) went overboard preaching against Bubble saying that movies need cinemas for the experience. Shyamalan spoke comparing the experience of seeing Shreck at home to the movies and commented that the added emotion of being in the audience's response made the movie better.

While Shyamalan is a smart guy it just seems he is purposefully overlooking some tough kernels of truth at the bottom of the popcorn bucket. For a director of distinct and visionary movies it is surprising to find him sharing binders with the rest of Hollywood.
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Then again, Shreck was an Ogre when it came to change as well.

What Shyamalan and the rest of Hollywood is blind to more than technological advance is society's decline in polite behavior. Home video has made people think that talking during movies is acceptable. Then they go out to the theatre, sit behind us and talk as if they are the only ones there. Don't even get me started on cell phones in cinemas. I get as wound up about that as seeing some lazy guy who won't lift the seat in a public toilet before relieving himself- yes I do equate the two on the rudeness scale.

How do you avoid rudeness? Stay home and let the technology create a theatre for you! I've got an Onkyo 400 watt digital receiver hooked into Boston acoustics surround with an MTX powered subwoffer. My TV is an older 36" model that is to be replaced in the next year with plasma as the prices come down and HD becomes required. I'll be downloading movies across my DSL line as soon as Bellsouth starts up their cable/movie on demand service. Boil down the rudeness and ticket prices against the "comforts of" home cinema and the more appealing one bubbles to the top.

As a bonus the toilets are clean thanks to the scrubbing bubbles.

Is Bubble breaking ground or just breaking rules? The jury is still out. Nobody involved with the flick is saying it is a great movie. Everyone is talking about the distribution channel. The question is will Hollywood embrace change or continue on to an uncertain future?