Bin Laden's Peace: Director's Cut

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Bin Laden's latest remarks show he wants peace with those of us here in the land of the great Satan. Let's review the bonus feature director's cut of the Bin Laden tape that shows some behind the scenes action:

"Peace with the Great Satan!...Err, yeah!
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Oh and my attacks planned against the great Satan haven't been affected by vigilant security and monitoring. Yeah! We've got ASTRONOMICAL plans for killing you evil Americans...Yeah! And the great Satan is...err...losing in Iraq and Afghanistan...Yeah! That's the Ticket!

And you spineless monkey evolved dogs...uh... err you nice peoples don't really want to fight me. So I'll...uh... yeah-So as the head of Al Qaeda I'll generously offer a peaceful pact with the great Satan. Yeah! ... and maybe I'll get nomi---no WIN the --ah-- Nobel Peace Prize-- just like my fellow terror--ah statesman-er-yeah Yassir Arafat did! Yeah!"

DIE GREAT SATAN, oh wait-uh-no-... CONVERT OR DIE...uh-no- Peace to my Satanic--err American brothers!"

I couldn't help but think of the classic SNL skit by John Lovitz of the "compulsive liar" Tommy Flannagan. I hope you found it entertaining.