YOU should be reading CAPTIAN K

I've been reading his blog and gaining some great insights. Here are some issues he has addressed recently and my paraphased "reader's digest" take on what he says. Don't just believe me, go read it for yourself.
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Why is it so hard to build military forces in Iraq?
Because when you have to teach each individual officer how to transfer a file from a flash memory unit to a computer and then show them how to use email, it takes a while. Most of the enlisted men are basically illiterate... US Military trainers came over with expectations set based on some much higher levels of education and discipline than what they actually encountered.

What is an Operational Iraqi unit?
First, the US description of operational is much more stringent than anywhere else in the world. Factor the total lack of communication infrastructure that pre-dates the invasion, add the education problems mentioned above, and it is difficult to call most units operational by US standards. That said, the Iraqi units are better trained than most of the world's forces and daily working hard and kicking butt.

What are US soldiers doing in the Iraqi Units?
We have MiTT teams of 9-15 US soldiers with an Iraqi batallion of 500-800 men. Those MiTT teams are helping span the communication gaps, assiting in logistics, and making sure prisoners aren't abused. Like a dad running next to his kid learning to ride a bike, just there to catch if they fall, but they are doing much on their own.

Much more great stuff from a guy on the ground. And a HUGE thank you to TOSHIBA for keeping him going!