Why I Despise the United Nations (continued)

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Who else but the UN would give this guy a microphone and an audience?
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President Mugabe of Zimbabwe seems to be most aggrivated at Bush and Blair for not allowing him to starve his own people. Of course, his heart was in the correct liberal lefty place when he stole the "White" farms and "returned" them to the locals. The outcome was to take his nation from agricultural success to starvation. A new twist on the old Pol-Pot communist scheme of fixing what isn't broken when it comes to farming.

I suppose I answer my own question as to who would give him an audience in that he is also getting a standing ovation in a
  • Halem church!

  • Obviously his lack of success isn't widely known. Or the starving children suffering from his policies aren't being seen by UN or in Halem. It lends credence to the statements of Conservatives that Liberals only care what you say, not what the outcome is. Even if your ideas starve children you still get a standing ovation?

    More background from the BBC on this
  • octogenarian communistic throw-back.

  • Also more here from
  • SLATE.