Sheehan-Think on Rove & Laura

"Lower Your Expectations: Hey, it worked for Laura Bush. "
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I glance weekly at the Daily Kos looking for new material-and you can find the link yourself if you want to. It physically hurts but soaping out my eyes afterward helps. Today I noticed that line in a top-ten list telling liberal readers to quit spazzing over Rove and the grand jury mystery content and speculation free-for all. To be brutally honest that's very good advice. I was even able to get past the use of the F-word in her list. (Sheesh Sheehan, what is it with liberals and foul language?)

Then I came to #3 and the assertion quoted above in reference to Laura Bush... and I remembered I'm reading an imbalanced, hate-filled, angry woman.

If my daughter marries a Yale-graduate, son-of-an-oil-man who is twice-elected-President,and is actually-faithful-to-his-vows unlike his predecessor... I think I'll be satisfied with the height of her expectations.

I'm also looking forward to the let-down of the left when nothing comes of this little investigation. It's not like there is DNA on a dress or anyone has bold-face lied to a Federal Judge...