Proof I'm NOT A Bush Kool-Aide Drinker

For those of you narrow minded lefties who think that blogosphere conservatives are in lockstep with W lemme clue you in: not so! Here are my beefs with W:

1)Sibel Edmonds case: anyone who points out faults and gets canned, well, that's just wrong. Obviously there are sensitive issues surrounding the case with it being FBI inner workings, but she deserves to have her job back. Or whatever she wants.

2)Hurricane Katrina: quit buddying with Blanco, she's tanking for the fiasco because even her dumbed-down constituents know who is at fault based on poll numbers. Also, let's get some major control on that $250 billion!

3)FEMA's former director Brown: Lay off the dude, he did do his job. Too bad others (Blanco) didn't do their jobs and made him look really bad. Brown's big mistake was not admitting that he didn't know what was going on because he was in DC and not on the ground in Louisiana, but that he would get right on top of it ASAP. I'm convinced if he had said that to the NPR reporter he would still be working.

4)Harriet Meiers: all I can say is someone at Late Night w/ David Letterman is very sharp. Their joke was something like "Bush searched long and hard for the next supreme court nominee: the cubicle down the hall, the waiting room by the oval office and in the kitchen beside the coffee maker." Nobody seems to be able to defend this selection, and hopefully she won't get nominated.

5)Gitmo capitulation: leave it running. Don't send them to Syria for real torture.

To wrap it up a personal message to W:
Mr. President. Please stop squandering your political capital on short-sighted decisions. Use the leadership you have been granted with the voting majority and make changes. Privatize social security. Put another young constitutional conservative on that court-make the democrats look like the lying two-timers they are. Reform the tax code. Work with your base and fix our problems.

My prayers are with you and your advisors daily. Stay focused.