Political Will: Ayatollahs with Nukes & Sattelites?

Israel wants us to draw the line and tell the Iranians no nukes. If we don't, they will. Personally, I don't think we have the political will to do what needs to be done. I would be glad to see Israel take them out.

I realize there are some fluffy-headed libs out there who think that all religion is the same, and if we all have a coke and a smile everything will be ok. Those same liberals might think this to be "inflamed rhetoric of a war hawk." Quite frankly, I would advise them to do some research into the ill-fated uprising in Iran that begat the hostage crisis.
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Once Liberals learn that the Iranian-Muslim version of "Falwell, Robertson and the Pope" are the ultimate determination of all government policy they might begin to comprehend in terms they understand the danger of having an Ayatollah with the keys to nukes. The Ayatollas in Iran are similar to a Supreme Court except their interpretations are based on the Koran and are deemed the law of God when given. Even a Liberal might also appreciate the complicated system involving the people's elected officials and cross-checked military protocols the United States has before a nuke can be fired when compared to the Iranian system.

When GOD is telling one man to fire the missile, and everyone thinks this man is the direct messenger from GOD including the military... One begins to comprehend the problem of letting Iran have nukes. Now readers might see why I consider this blog subject as informed opinion, not inflamed rhetoric.


  • Iran may have the ability to launch sattelites? For those of you who don't understand, the complicated technology to orbit a payload is the SAME as the technology needed to deliver a nuke anywhere in the world.