Overly Hopeful Party Collapse

Has Meier's nomination DESTROYED THE REPUBLICAN PARTY? Is the Meiers nomination the third seal symbolizing the end of the world with the earthquakes and floods?


A couple of observations from little ole me, well- scratch that- big fat me.

First: the Republican party is notorious for infighting and bickering. That's why we are chomping at the bit to see Gore try to take on Hillary for the 08 spot. Those two fighting is something the liberal press can't resist putting on the air. Thus they tend to ignore the right.

Second: right now the right is scared to death that Bush has repeated dad's mistake and put up a Souter: a liberal in conservative clothing. Yet Meiers is reported to be a pro-lifer in the strictest evangelical sense. Sure she gave a few bucks to Gore back when. That does give me pause regarding her sense of judgement. However I've got to trust that Bush actually knows what he is doing by putting her in place. I have a feeling that 2 years from now this little stint will have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with how the party is doing.

Third: without using Google name the last Justice appointed prior to Roberts? Since 90% of you aren't sure of the correct answer off the top of your head you can bet that most voters won't be thinking of Meiers in a few years either when they vote for the next bunch of hopefuls.

BTW: the correct answer courtesy of
  • Google
  • is Breyer, 1994: for extra credit:
    Ginsberg, 1993
    Thomas, 1991