Monday Headache

I love football, I live in Tennessee...

enough said.

I've got to add Vol #45 Anderson guy to my prayer list. He has to be beating himself up for the fumble on the 3 that should have been the game-winning touchdown for the Vols against Bama.

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The physics of the d-lineman Harper's helmet hitting the ball and knocking it out of his arms through the endzone for a touchback were just too much for a mere human to overcome. Besides, there were TONS of other stupid mistakes that made up this loss to the Vols most bitter rival, and most worthy opponent. It takes a team to win or lose, not one player. Not to mention the fact that Bama was just luckier this time than we were.

Poop occurs, don't let life be framed by a single bad event.

I would be remiss if I failed to give the Vol defense it's kudos. They did their jobs and kept the Bama quarterback honest (and in the turf) and made the Tide's best guy fumble and miss more than he has all season combined.

As for Coach Fulmer and Offensive coach Sanders, they have more wins than games I've watched. They know there is a problem and I hope they know how to fix it. I'm not ready to string up the coach with the highest percentage of career wins y e t.

Oh yeah... almost forgot the political side:
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Condoleeza Rice wearing her crimson shirt doing the coin toss. I still like her even if she is a Bama fan- UGH!