Miracle Expected In this Tragedy

“The guilt on me is enormous,” said her father. “Pretty much I blame me for doing it, even though it was an accident.”
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The words of this little girl's father. He tried to get an overheated pot of cooking grease out of the kitchen. The lid came off and contact with the air caused the grease to ignite. The flames crawled up his arm and caused him to spill burning grease... his soon-to-be 2 year old daughter was hit by the spill. She has burns over 45% of her body.

My daughter is about her age. I am devastated just hearing about this story. It kept me up last night and woke me early today as well.

In the news story you see the little girl in her bed at the Vanderbilt Burn Unit and she is smiling worried about her mommy. Mommy wasn't physically hurt in the accident.

If you can, send money to AM South bank to be deposited to the Abby Neill fund.
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  • At the very least keep Abby and her daddy in your prayers.