Libby's Execution Set

The libs only sound happy that something has come of their dream of the imprisonment of Bush. Now Scooter Libby, one whom most of us have never heard of, is under indictment.

Not being executed.
Not being convicted.
Just being charged.
He still faces a trial that he may actually win and be acquitted.

The problem for the Left is that they WANTED KARL ROVE BADLY...and it is unlikely he will face any charges.

Go read
  • Sistertoldja
  • if you need a more comprehensive overview.

    It is unclear that Scooter has any super-ablilities that cannot be performed by a replacement like we hear of Rove. Yup, a definite letdown for the whacko lefties. What else can you call it after the frenzy?

    It will be interesting to see how the talking heads spin this to try to make up for not getting Rove.