Dyson VS Cosby


Cosby is following in some huge footsteps of cultural reform in the shadow of great leaders like Martin Luther King.
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His fight is for educated and well spoken people of color from all economic backgrounds. If Doctor King were alive today he would be standing with Cosby on these issues.

Then I read
  • Micahel Eric Dyson's
  • comments on Cosby on NPR. Most of the rest of my article is a rant angainst Dyson's useless nay-saying. Half intellectual liberalism with a marxist bow for decoration, half whining about economic reality... and we can't see a decent opponent to Cosby's effort in sight. Anyone who makes any positive comment about Ebonics should be thanked for revealing themselves as a fool. I'll get really specific.

    To Mr. Dyson here are my observations:
    Why personal responsibility is the key to fixing the social problems of ANY culture: because that is the only component the individual has control over. The single mom can choose not to have risky sexual practices and bear children she can't support. The man who fathers the child can actively choose to promote either adoption or support his child emotionally as well as financially.

    The comment about sexual licentiousness of Pairs Hilton is laughable and stupid. Quite frankly that spoiled brat can afford anything including the financial burdens that pregnancy and STDs bring. That doesn't mean anyone else can do it. Stop whining about unfair focus on the actions of the lower class in comparison to the middle and upper classes same behavior. Reality is the lower classes can't afford stupid behaivor. The lower class's sexual habits are impacting our lives directly and deserve to be ranted against.

    As to what I would call your economic/marxist/whiner points:

    The work/income conditions are a dead horse. Do you buy a pair of socks for $8 or do you choose to spend $2 for a similar pair? The majority of us will choose to buy the cheaper if equal quality pair. The reality is that the difference in cost is from an 80% difference in employee pay on the manufacturing. If you can't make the product cheaper than someone else can you don't stay in business. Period. The impoverished individual doesn't have control over the market economies and must adjust.

    The flip side of this economic reality is those who are unemployed from making those $8 socks need to seek training and get a new job. I didn't say that process would be easy, but the new Michigan style welfare reforms are designed to push people back into the workforce much easier than the promotion of the public doll used to be. Yeah, the situation stinks but you do what you can (legally) to survive.

    Ebonic handicap:
    "But the intent of Ebonics, according to its advocates, is to help poor black youth speak "standard" English while retaining an appreciation for their dialects and "native tongues." All of this suggests that structural barriers, much more than personal desire, shape the educational experiences of poor blacks."

    Exactly where did these kids originate? Kenya? No. Quit making the false argument that these kids are from Africa. What percentage of African does a kid have to be to qualify for benefit from Ebonics? I don't sit here and claim I'm from Ireland, I've never even been there. My great-great-great grandfather was. I'm an American, as most of these "Ebonic" speaking people are. Please elaborate how the use of slurred, maligned and curse-ridden english promotes anything positive. If you really want them to understand an African language teach them Swahili.

    I see nothing to teach or guide the black poor out of their plight in the quotes from your book. Cosby is in the faces at Compton calling out the individuals and using his celebrity to push for change. In comparison, your assertions Mr. Dyson are to fix issues that cannot be overcome even after 40+ years of forced wealth redistribution. Furthermore you encourage a link to a culture totally unrelated to their current surroundings and wish to promote further alienation from their true home through pseudo language barriers. Those cultural assertions are furthermore without any logic as to the actual ancestry of the individual since most will never truly know where they originated.

    It has to start with the individual. The individual must want to succeed. Then the individual must seek out those who would teach him the way. I am not saying to cut social programs, but I am saying no social program in the world will work until the indvidual sets a worthy goal and strives to meet it. Cosby is out trying to get the individuals to see a worthy goal.

    Why are you fighting him?