Dog Shark de-Bait

Drudge is running with a SUN article featuring a dog with hooks through its snout saying it "survived being used as shark bait."
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
As I made a huge mistake in my FLIPERNATOR article in continuing FOLKLORE, I'm seriously questioning the veracity of this story until further proof is in. I perpetrate folklore yet I made an A in that class in college?!? (NO KIDDING!)

This French-language link claims to show video of dogs being used as bait:

  • Reasonable questions: blood and struggle attracts sharks... how much struggle and blood do you get out of a dog underwater? Is this picture real?

    I have learned that while much is possible with both human cruelty and photoshop, I still would caution everyone to hold off on adding it to our "list of reasons why we despise the FRENCH."