Curse of the Were-Rabbit

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Go see this movie with your 3 year old. Mine was a bit frightened of two scenes in the movie and sat in our laps for most of the show. However nothing in the overall content is tremendously objectionable. I didn't even mind the bad guy's accidental flash of his clay full moon. My daughter enjoyed the movie and seemed satisfied with the resolution of the conflict.

The minor gags for the adults are on the classic Mel-Blanc level. For example look for the "may contain nuts" label on the box covering the clothing free Wallace. Even if you kids understand what they see they are unlikely to find the humor. Very cheeky as the Brits would say.

I don't think that this movie's story line was as easily grasped by kids in the 3-5 year range as Chicken Run's is. I do think we'll end up owning the DVD and playing it a few "thousand" times.