AFA/Million Dads & Target & Sex Toys

I'm sure no one will be surprised that I subscribe to the million dads/AFA email. What might surprise you is the latest one I can't agree with.
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Donald E. Wildmon is calling attention to Target stores. Last year, Target banned the Salvation Army bell ringers and this ban is continuing. I was on the phone to the two local stores that I frequent, and both of the managers were polite and agreed with me that the Salvation Army isn't like other organizations in how they fundraise. Apparently Target donations in 2003 accounted for something like $8 million dollars nationwide... just loose change from TARGET? AMAZING!
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The Salvation Army is a great organization, and does a wonderful job with those donations. Their bell ringers do not throw cookies in your face nor do they half-way wash your car. They do not sell, they only provide an opportunity to give.

With that said, I have come to think is that Target has the right to say no to the bell ringers, because it's their company and their property.

Wildmon's speculation gets a bit out of hand when he asserts that the homosexual community has caused Target's decision. Apparently it is a "known" fact that the Salvation Army doesn't "recognize homosexuality" and the gay community is upset by this. I have to shake my head and think, does the gay community really need to be recognized by the Salvation Army? What is the big deal of being recognized by the Salvation Army? I thought the SA was for people in need, and I've always heard that homosexuals have the highest per-capita disposable income?

He then goes on to decry the sales of personal vibration devices in the women's section of Target stores.
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This is too much. Sorry, Don, but if a woman wants to buy a vibrator how do you know what she is doing with it is sinful or wrong? Sure you are making an assumption that only single women and gay men buy them and you just shouldn't go there. Married women buy them too. If the packaging is not lewd, what is the big deal?

Items used for sex toys have been available at the local mall, Sears, and Sharper Image for decades. It isn't the item, it's how it is used that makes it lewd. Like a gun, those are only tools. I have some other possible items that could be lewd in mind but I'll stop there!

Don, look at Pat Robertson and the trouble he gets himself into. Speculating on an issue takes credibility from you and your organization. This hurts your efforts. Try to stick to the core issues you do so well and document your assertions. Pray to guard that tongue a little better, ok?