Dr. Stephen Moser is my new hero.

"When I went to China I was not pro-life. I was pro-abortion. I thought it was a woman'’s right to choose…I also thought when I went to China that China was overpopulated. China had too many people. And then I went and listened to the Chinese people."
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Mosher, who is fluent in a common Chinese dialect, related how while living in a Chinese village he had witnessed women, some his personal friends, who became pregnant with an “illegal” second child and who were subsequently forced to have an abortion. Those mothers who refused were arrested and jailed and underwent daily propaganda, or brain-washing sessions, until they agreed to abort their child. Those who remained in prison until they went into labour “were taken to the abortion clinic crying, by force, and they were given a poison shot.

"“You cannot witness the abortion of a woman who is seven months pregnant, and not know exactly what it is that'’s happening,” said Mosher, who was able to intimately observe and interview the arrested women, even so far as accompanying them to the abortion clinics. What is happening is the wounding of a mother and the death of a child.""

Stanford revoked Moser's doctorate because China threatened to block any other Stanford scholars from coming to China. Gee, Google isn't the first organization to capitulate to fascist China! Why didn't Stanford just spit in their face and honor the Doctor's effort?

Perhaps the most horrifying part is that UN money is supporting these forced abortions through the Population Fund $50 million grant. Dr. Moser is the person responsible for instigating the US cut off $150 million in funding- it seems the UN turned a blind eye to what was being done with the money! Imprisonment, brainwashing, torture and forced abortions. China makes Abu-Grahab look like a posh resort in comparison!

What is it going to take for people to realize there is both a problem and a threat to our world in China? I guess the answer is the same as the answer to making people realize that choice is about having intercourse, not about having abortions...

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