Under God- Again?

THEY'RE BACK! The same nutcases from sunny California who made the suit that their child was being harmed by having to recite the words "under God" in the pledge have succeeded in getting the court to block the pledge in 3 districts where the new harmed children reside.
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To Sacramento atheist Michael Newdow: It is my firm belief that your children and those of your clients are in fact being harmed by being exposed to federal and state references to GOD. With that in mind, you may turn over all Federal documents or tokens referring to God to me. Since many denominations of US currency refer to GOD I would be less than diligent in my attempts to assist the children you represent if I did not have you relinquish the ownership of all the cash you have.
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To save you from checking each denomination and possibly exposing yourself to God, just send it all to me. I'll send back the pennies and dollars that do not have GOD written on them.