Technowar: Space

The question of critics is "should the US be actively planning warfare tactics that involve space based platforms?"

My answer is: yes, because we are already fighting there!

We all know that intelligence and information are crucial to winning a battle. Information is easily gained, exchanged or stolen over the internet. Internet access is not limited to land lines and hardwiring, someone out there might be reading this over a dish connection bounced from a satellite. This article points out that with a net connection and a credit card anyone, anywhere can access satellites. Logically the argument is moot because technology has surpassed the question making it superfluous.

If the US Air Force has the ability to go into an enemy's computer system and prevent them from being able to attack us, shouldn't we be giving them the green light to do so? Say China wanted to launch one of their ICBM's at California. Shouldn't we be able to attack their computer and prevent it from completing the launch? A group of techno-warriors could do it from any T1 line or through advanced satellite technology without risking any lives: of the enemy or America!