Tazers & Death: Patrick Lee

This man died in the hospital in Nashville, TN this past week:
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How did this happen? Well, if you listen to the grieving parents and friends it is because the police used their tazers on him between 8-14 times depending on who tells the story. NEVERMIND that something like 99% of people that tazers are used on are instantly incapacitated on the first shot.

I do feel some empathy for the parents. However, their son was high on drugs and alcohol in a public place and started to get belligerent. The police did not give him illegal drugs. The police did not put him in public. The police only responded to a disturbance call instigated by the actions of the then-intoxicated-now-deceased individual.

It is easier to blame someone else for your problems then to accept responsibility or the truth. Patrick Lee was not forced to acquire and take drugs and then act out in public. By definition of being intoxicated and belligerent he was no longer innocent of violating the law.

The police did their jobs and used tools available to subdue this menace before he brought harm or death to someone else's son or daughter. IF Patrick Lee had been attcked and later died from injuries inflicted by someone that the police had FAILED to properly subdue what would the family's response be?

I did not know this man. I really don't care what kind of person his "momma thought he was"! I do know that what he did was wrong and his choices led to his death.

The truth that he was an idiot and it cost him his life is a difficult pill to swallow for his family. To them I would say to drop the lawsuit, and let him rest in peace. It is time to grieve and move on. Your lawyer is getting entirely too much TV coverage (I'm sure he is charging you by the hour for it).