Swami's Rita Prediction

Now it is time for a little prediction so I'll put on my Swami hat:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

1)Houston will be ravaged by Rita at category 4 or higher
2)The police won't quit working
3)There won't be large scale looting
4)Houston's poor population will not say that they see the evacuation as an opportunity to "get some for themselves"
5)Neighbors will help first, rather than shoot first.
6)There won't be any dead guys in lawn chairs for 3 days
7)The state won't be griping (or cussing, or crying) about FEMA's response because the Texans know how to take care of themselves.

I can safely predict this because Houston officials have PRACTICED their PLAN for this situation. Jee, and Houston isn't even below sea level! How intelligent of them!

The only thing I am truly worried about is the ability of major insurance companies to meet this back-to-back financial hit of property claims. That is something that should scare all of us more than an extra fifty-cents per gallon in gas.